Company Profile As a manufacturer of specialized machinery equipment, we will strive to create high quality equipment to customers by moderate footsteps.

About Jih Shuenn

Professionalism and the ability to create equipment value; increase process yield and production efficiency

JihShuenn Electrical Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. As Taiwan’s economic pulse and world trends changed, the company has continued to research and develop new technology, as well as follow industry development trends. Currently, this company produces many types of high precision cutting/stamping equipment, fitting equipment, visual detection systems, and automation integration. We not only give life to machines, but also improve our customers’ production capacity and effectively lower costs.
With strict care implemented by all our colleagues, the equipment produced by JihShuenn exceeds the standards of foreign industries, and are well liked by international and domestic corporations. In recent years, our products have received recognition from Japanese companies, as well as gaining popularity among Japanese corporations. Thus, JihShuenn has taken a big step in corporate exchange. JihShuenn’s technical service team provides a comprehensive service platform. Our team can deliver added value and the best service performance for our customers in all aspects, including pre-purchase inquiry, machine selection and operation training, and professional post-purchase service.
JihShuenn has long been engaged in cutting/stamping equipment, fitting equipment, visual detection systems, and automation integration technology and skills. We believe that “trusting in JihShuenn’s professionalism and our ability to create equipment value can improve your process yield and production performance.”


Founded Jih Shuenn Electrical Machine Co., Ltd., Mass produced microcomputer belt cutting machines.

Signed memorandum of cooperation with overseas vendors, such as those from Malaysia, Singapore, and Europe.

R&D electronic industry machine equipment.

Established the China Guangzhou subsidiary company.

Invested in STNLCD, TFTLCD, POLARIZING FILM cutting equipment.

Established the China Kunshan subsidiary company.

Crossed into the touch control panel resistive process equipment. At the same time, mass produced small size fitting and stamping process equipment.

Planned the expansion of the second factory area.

Officially began use of the Wuri second factory. Began production of TFTLCD large size cutting equipment.

Specialized in BEF, DIFUSSER cutting equipment R&D.

Invested in OCA cutting process equipment R&D.

Invested in capacitive touch control panel cutting/fitting process.

Invested in image visual system cutting equipment R&D.

Invested in FILM SENSOR cutting equipment R&D.

Invested in Roll To Roll visual inspection and cutting equipment R&D.

Invested in 100 inch liquid crystal display panel cutting equipment R&D.

Invested in green energy industry processing equipment R&D.

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Business Philosophy

0 1 Create

give priority to creating value for the customer

0 2 Realize

realize the dream of comprehensive automation

0 3 Ability

make advancements and improvements to have better professional skills

0 4 R&D

continuous R&D, continuous innovation

0 5 Use

customer-oriented; JihShuenn’s task is to provide processes that meet the needs of the time