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0 1 Die-cutting machine

High performance server system matched with μ grade precision stamping mechanism. Possess multi-function stamping modes to respond to different needs and use. Can stamp full cut or half cut. Realize high speed, high precision processing quality.

Die Cutting Machine

Alignment Die Cutting Machine

0 2 Laminating Machine

Appropriate for high precision laminating and multi-layer laminating processing. The raw material roll and rip side/trim shaft has a slight adjustment function. Can freely conduct partial assembly to meet customer requirements. Laminating system with highly unique structures. The machine has a feed interruption sensor. Before the material is depleted, the machine will stop working and display a warning message. The laminating wheel material uses easy to clean materials. Matches the processed item’s material and thickness to conduct stable fitting. Has a pressure adjustment knob and roller spacing adjustment knob.

Roll to Roll Laminating Machine

Alignment Laminating Machine

0 3 Cutting machine

1) Appropriate for rolled material cutting equipment. Can cut set sizes according to size requirements. The sheet materials are stacked after passing through the diversion mechanism. If special function requires materials be half cut, special jigs can be used to conduct half-cut cutting. 2) Appropriate for sheet material cutting equipment. Use single blades to conduct set size half cut or full cut. Can cut different sizes in the directions of XY axis.

Roll Cutting Machine

Alignment Cutting Machine

Sheet Cutting Machine

0 4 客製設計

客製設備提案、初步協商。 製作規格、精算成本。 提交初步規格及圖。 確認正式規格、圖面及報價。 確認合約。 資材人員備料。 專業生產。 測試驗收。 設備調整。 機台入廠。