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JS-DSR320V Alignment Die Cutting Machine


  • Appropriate for rolled printing material. When matched with CCD visual identification alignment and high-speed positioning systems, it can detect target position deviation, as well as automatically move from XYθ coordinates to the calibrated fixed position for stamping work.
  • Special high-speed image processing technique shortens image alignment times and saves on secondary alignment set stamping work. This results in time saving, high efficiency, and high precision alignment stamping performance.
  • Comprehensive touch control human-machine interface function. The control interface is simple and can provide users with more efficient and faster settings.
  • Each product can be set independently and in different ways, as well as independently accessed process parameters. This is convenient for processes and improving process techniques.
  • High performance server system matched with μ grade precision stamping mechanism. Possesses multifunction stamping variable action mode to respond to different needs and settings.
  • Can stamp full cut or half cut to realize high speed, high precision processing quality.

Material Applications

Metal Mesh, printing thin film, RFID, FPC, diffusers,

thin light guide plate…etc.


Capacity: 85 KN。

Stoke per minute: 200 spm 。

Punch area: 260 x 180 mm 。

Blade depth requlation unit: 0.001mm。

Electric tool mold height adjustment.


*Can be customized.