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JS-DCL500 Alignment Die Cutting Machine


  • Appropriate for sheet-type printing items. When matched with CCD visual identification alignment and high-speed positioning system, it can detect target position deviation, as well as automatically move from XYθ coordinates to the calibrated fixed position for stamping work.
  • Uses a unique image processing technique to complete high precision calculations within the shortest times. Can identify printing target shape and 3D image. Uses high speeds to conduct alignment. Alignment precision can reach ±0.05 mm (within 50 um).
  • High performance server system matched with μ grade precision stamping mechanism. Possesses multifunction stamping dead point variable speed mode to meet different needs and different settings.
  • Can stamp full cut or half cut. Realize high speed, high precision processing quality.
  • Can be matched to automated robot.

Material Applications

Metal Mesh, printing thin film, RFID, FPC, diffusers, ,

thin light guide plate…etc.,


Capacity: 200 KN.

Stoke per minute: 130 spm.

Punch area: 530 x 400 mm.

Blade depth requlation unit: 0.001mm.

Electric tool mold height adjustment.

Automatic lubrication system.


*Can be customized.