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JS-360LMA Laminating Machine


  • Appropriate for roll to roll material. Convenient process operation for multilayer fitting with high quality requirements. Independent tension control for raw material axis and trim edge axis.
  • The function utilizes modular design, which allows it to respond to different fitting process requirements. This highly original fitting system provides adjustability.
  • Machines can work independently, or be matched with other equipment produced by this company, to conduct automated processing.

Material Applications

Optical thin film material (such as diffuser, reflector, HC FILM,

prism, optical adhesive, etc.), double-sided tape,

polymer composite material, thermal graphite sheet,

insulation materials…etc.


Materials feeding width: Max. 360mm.

Stoke per minute: 0~40M.

Laminating roller: 2 sets.

Power brake: 3 sets.

Power clutch: 3 sets.



*Can be customized.