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0 1 Laminating technique

The technique we use is to fit two rolls of film together without marks or air bubbles. This is mainly done through a flat display, touch control panel, and other optical film laminating processes. Generally, rollers are used to stick the film, or the film can be cold or hot pressed. In addition to continuous fitting, low tension intermittent film sticking can also be done

0 2 Safety devices

To ensure that operating personnel can safely work in the processing environment without worry.

0 3 Static electricity elimination measures

Static electricity can affect the operation of some equipment. During the film transport process, static electricity can obstruct transportation stability. Thus, static electricity prevention and static electricity elimination techniques are important. During procedures, static electricity produced inside the equipment is mostly generated by the released films as they are peeled of, or caused by friction. To prevent these situations, we consider all measures from material, structure, and equipment aspects when designing.

0 4 Visual image processing system

We have carried out automatic alignment, defect inspection, feed suspension inspection, and other types of image processing. Video, lighting, and visual processing equipment are optimally integrated based on the exterior shape of the inspected item, color, precision, and spacing, before high precision visual image optimization is conducted. In addition, we can also use line-scan cameras to process continuous images of long objects.

0 5 Wiring technique

To provide a safe and stable control system in the long-term, we carefully observe electricity safety regulations, use the most appropriate wiring materials, and clearly label each wire.

0 6 Precision processing technique

JihShuenn has precision processing machinery, such as CNC milling machines, CNC five-side processing machines, CNC grinders, and CNC lathes. This, matched with experienced operating personnel, means that we can independently manufacture high precision parts, and parts within short delivery time.

0 7 Assembly technique

Since the founding of this company, we have engaged in the manufacturing of high precision mold cutting equipment. Thus, we possess assembly techniques and abilities superior to that of ordinary machine assembly. At the same time, we also pursue μ grade precision equipment manufacturing abilities. By continuously improving ourselves, we have turned this pursuit of excellence into a corporate culture. Equipment assembled through this high precision method can remain precise for long periods of time.

0 8 Robotic arm matching technique

We use products manufactured by FANUC (Japan) to create automated production lines for our customers. This reduces labor costs and results in maximum economic benefits.

0 9 Timing control system

Based on customer requirements, we can use Mitsubishi Electric or Keyence produced PLC to precisely control each machine’s movement. We can also conduct tracing management and MES.

1 0 Servo control technique

We have extensive experience in multi axle servo control, and can conduct multi-axle simultaneous control, multi-axle fill in control, and other types of control methods.

1 1 Professional design

Our professional design personnel’s extensive experience comes from knowing how to make great machines. They follow procedures and accumulate manufacturing skills, as well as create/design what customers expect.