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Step 01

Customized equipment proposal and initial negotiation:

  • Customers propose specifications and the company conducts evaluations and discussions.

Step 02

Production specification, detailed cost:

  • Produce initial specification charts and drawings based on the proposal;
  • Company internal detailed cost calculations.

Step 03

Submitting initial specification and drawings

  • Submit initial drawings and specifications to customers in writing, then renegotiate.

Step 04

Confirm official specifications, drawings, and price quote

  • Confirm the final specifications and make corrections;
  • Produce the complete specification document and drawings;
  • Provide official quotation.

Step 05

Confirm contract

  • Confirm contract content with customers and sign official contract.

Step 06

Materials personnel prepares material

  • Have materials personnel under strict management quality prepare materials.

Step 07

Professional production

  • Have a well-versed production department carefully produce and assemble your machine.

Step 08

Testing and acceptance

  • Notify personnel on both sides to conduct mechanism testing and acceptance.

Step 09

Equipment adjustment

  • Before handing over the machine, conduct the final equipment adjustment and inspection.

Step 10

Machine is accepted by the factory

  • Deliver to the customers’ designated location. Adjust level and complete the training.